Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University

Re-Accredited with "A" Grade by NAAC

(Formerly known as Amravati University)

Shri Sant Gadge Baba

Arts Faculty Syllabus

Sr.N. Course Syllabus
Year 2014-15
1 M.A. Music Part-I 2014 and Part-II 2015 M.A. Music, M.A.Ordinance
Year 2012-13
1 M.A. Hindi Part-I and Part-II M.A.Hindi
2 M.A. Music Part-I and Part-II M.A.Music
3 M.A.Home Economics Part-I and Part-II M.A. Home Economics
4 M.A. Sociology Part-I and Part-II M.A. Sociology
5 M.A./M.SC. Geography Part-I & Part-II M.A. Geography
Year 2010-11
1 Notification for B.A. Part-I, B.A. Part-II & B.A. Final Examination 2011 Notifications B.A. Part-I, Part-II & Part-III M.A. Sociology
2 M.A. Economics Part-I 2011 & Part-II 2011 M.A.Economics M.A.Economics
3 M.A. Marathi Part-I , 2011 and Part-II 2012 M.A.Marathi M.A. Marathi
4 M.A.Sociology Part-I, 2011 & Part-II of 2011 M.A.Sociology M.A. Sociology
Year 2009-10
1 Bachelor of Arts Part-I B.A.Part - I, B.A.Part - I-Remaining M.A. Sociology
2 Bachelor of Arts Part-II B.A. Part-II M.A. Sociology
3 Master of Arts Part-I & Part-II English English M.A. English
4 Master of Arts Part-I & Part-II History History M.A. History
5 Master of Arts Part-I & Part-II Marathi Marathi M.A. Marathi
6 Master of Arts Part-I & Part-II Political Science Political Science M.A. Politicle Science
7 Master of Arts Part-I & Part-II Sanskrit M.A.Sanskrit M.A. Sanskrit
8 Ordinance for Master of Arts M.A. Ordinance M.A. Ordinance