Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University

Re-Accredited with "B++" CGPA(2.96) Grade by NAAC

(Formerly known as Amravati University)

Shri Sant Gadge Baba


About Department

The Department of Physical Education (Year of Establishment – 1986), Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University is well known all over the nation in the field of Games and Sports.Physical Education is an inter-disciplinary subject involving study of Education, Human Physiology, Anatomy and Social Sciences. It is the foundation for life long fitness and high performance in competitive sports. The Department has designed a relevant curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical components. The Physical Education teachers graduating from the Department will be fully equipped to be employed as Physical Directors in schools, colleges and Universities and also as Sports Managers and Sports Officers in public and private sector/institutions.
The department shows corpus work in field of extension services particularly in Health, fitness and Physical activities. Student counselling to society is remarkable. Students and faculty took active part in various curricular and academic development programmes at National and International level.Departmentelevate research environment through Research Project, Dissertation & conducting open viva voce.Department has a good linkage with various universities/institutions of national and international reputes.


The Department of Physical Education is committed to excellence in teaching, research and community service in the fields of Physical Education and Sports by providing Quality Education and Congenial Environment to students and staff.

Aim :
The foremost aim of the department is to prepare ideal Physical Education Teachers  trained in practical skills, philosophically based reasoning, hypothesis formation, reading and writing, practical application of tests and the sound scientific application of research findings, so that they are competent and versatile in dealing with future demands of the society.


  1. To provide quality education through systematic planning.
  2. To encourage the students for various competitive examinations viz. JRF/NET/SET/MPSC/UPSC etc.
  3. To organize Seminars / Conferences / Workshops for disseminating advanced knowledge in the field of Physical Education.
  4. To strengthen research in the thrust areas viz., Research Methods in Health Physical Education and Recreation, Test and Measurement In Physical Education Health, Fitness and Nutrition etc.
  5. To undertake research projects pertaining to physical education.
  6. To undertake extension activities and establish linkage with the local communities.
  7. Fulfilled the need of physical education teachers of the society from grass root level to higher education.
  8. Maintain health & Fitness of the society.
  9. Promote all round development of society (physical, mental, social, and spiritual)
  10. Develop the need based Teaching resources in sports and Physical Education.
  11. Contribute as trained Workforce to provide teaching learning support from school level to higher education.
  12. Contribute as researcher in making sports policy, curriculum design and in evaluation reforms.


NCTE Recognition Order