Direction No. 21/2013 (Implementation of Career Advancement Scheme for the Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Technical Institutions.)

Direction No. 26/2012
(Corrigendum to Direction No.5/2012 in respect of Examinations Leading to the Degree of Master of Pharmacy (Two year - Four Semester Degree Course), Direction, 2012.

Direction No. 29/2012 (Enhancement in the Age of Superannuation of Principals/Teachers/Physical Education Persons working in Higher & Technical Education field, Direction, 2012.)

Procedure for creation and filling the posts of Professor/s, Direction No.33/2011.

Direction No. 63/2010 (Revision of Pay Scales of Teachers as per AICTE Scheme ------ Annexure-A (AICTE Regulation, 2010) & Annexure-B (G.R. dt. 20th Aug., 2010)

Direction No. 47/2010 (Exemptions to the Ph.D. holders of this University from passing Net/Set for Recruitment..........)

Direction No. 20/2008(Discontinuation of Moderation of Answer Books)

Direction No. 12/2010 (Reassessment of Answerbooks of examinees without obtaining Photocopy of
Answerbooks on their demand.)

Direction No. 53/2010 (Terms & Conditions of service for Vice-chancellor......)

Direction No. 64/2010 & Direction No. 65/2010 (Corrigendum of Direction No. 45/2010 & Direction No. 46/2010)

Direction No. 42/2011 (Implementation of Minimum Qualification for appointment of Teachers and other academic staff........)
Annexure-A & Annexure-B of Direction No. 42/2011


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